Attractions of YongKang Guest House

1. Din TaiFung

DinTaiFung is the ten most famous resturant among the world. The group owns many branches in other cities like Bejing, Tokyo, HonKong. Here is the home store. The servies and food are fabulous. There are always crowds outside the entrance. Customers have to wait for 30 minutes in average. So, it is better to be here by AM11:00.

2. YeongKang 15

This small shop makes miracle ice with fresh fruit for gourmets. It is also called Ice Monster. The mango and strawberry ice are the most popular ones. Please take a picture for the ice before eating it.

3. WerGer Cake

For many tourists, it is a very good place to shop the gifts for their friends. There are many famous cakes and bakery. You may taste them before buying them. There are many flavors for each product. Remember to try the pineapple cakes and bring home with them.

4. Panos

The belgium style cafe offers breakfast, meals, coffee and bakery. It is newly opened at 2011/12/13.

5. Morita Cafe

There are lots of cafe like Morita around YeongKang. Morita is a very comfortable and warm place for teatime. The stylish interior design and furniture brings you the loyal ambience. Be here to enjoy the leisure hours.

6. Padma Spa

The massage and spa store is a place for you to relax and enjoy the skin care with professional services. They also provide the services for manicure, facial beauty.

7. PinChen Shabu Shabu House

This shabu shabu house is run by a Japanese. You may have Japanese traditional food here. There are shabu shabu and Sukiyaki with seafood or meat.

8. Breeze 58

This bar is run by a Okinawan native from Japan. The boss is a pop song courtesy singer. You may sing, drink wine and make friends here.

9. Oma Ursels restaurant

This German restaurant is famous for years. They serve the traditional Bavaria sausage, wheat bread, dough, soups, cakes and bear.

10. Foot in pleasure

Feel tired after walking aroung YeongKang? Try the foot massage and relax to the most. It is located at 3rd floor, don’t misst it.

11. Taipei MRT DongMen Station

Open in 2012, taking exit 4 or exit 5 to PlayTaipei within 2 mins of walking distancevery convenient to Taipei or Xinbei urban communitiesbike rental is abailable at the entrance of station.