Taipei Short Term Apartment/Taipei Long Stay Service

Playtaipei, run by a Taiwanese violinist, Wei. Because of his personal interests of traveling and making friends all around, he started the Playtaipei guest house operation in 2010. There are two conveniently located guest houses in Taipei now: YongKang street and Beitou Hot Spring spot. The Beitou hot spring features hot spring access inside in the apartment. Your safety and comfort is our priority. Both guest houses have 24 hours security and Wei will greet you in person when you arrive. (If there is no performance schedule.) We sincerely hope every guest in Taipei will enjoy their stay and leave with a great impression.


rent for a month

three or more months


YongKang Guest House

42000 TWD

40000 TWD/per month

36000 TWD/per month

Beitou Hot Spring Boutique House

28000 TWD

26000 TWD/per month

22000 TWD/per month

1. If you choose to rent for over 1 month, we require 2 months security deposit (TWD CASH ONLY).
2. Rent fee including internet ,water ,electricity, and management fee .
3. Rental security deposit will be returned to you when you check out.

*We care about personal hygiene,  please prepare bathing supplies by yourself.( You can get bathing supplies supermarket nearby)

If you need to rent the apartment over 1 month, we require you to sign a contract, this is the standard contract from taiwan government office, the rental payment is required upon check-in, for yearly rental the payment can be splitted at 6 month payment in advance.