Attractions of Beitou Hot Spring Boutique House

1. Kakaya

A very famous hot spring hotel in Japan, Kagaya opened at well known hot spring BeiTou area in Taipei 2011. There are public spa area and various rooms for family. The hotel is very high class hot spring hotel starting NTD$24000 for one one night stay. All waitress in Japanese traditional Kimono provide the kind services. The different traditional Japanese music are playing on the main hall all times.

2. BeiTou Library

The BeiTou Library has total 650 Pings in area. It is the first green building of library in Taiwan. There are trees and grass around this library with solar system roof for electricity. The slope lawn is designed to keep rain water in recovery tank for reusage on plant and toilet, saving water. It was built by some recycled materials in modern style.

3. Hot Spring Museum

It is a third rank monuments from the Japanese times. There are lots of detail introduction for BeiTou area and world wide hot spring places and the history of Taiwan. It is a valuable museum for tourists visiting. You may have spa in the public hot spring area nearby.

4. Hot Spring Park

This hot spring park is one of the hot springs stream sources, the water can be as high as 98 degrees celsius, the others are among 60 degrees. It is one of the two green sulfur springs over the world. The nature scene is very special. Please be aware the hot water while visiting this area.

5. 32 Villa

This top rank hot spring hotel are very popular for tourists over the world. There are few rooms available for reservation. It costs from NTD$16000 per night stay. The public hot spring area is NTD$1500 per person for four hours. The lunch price starting from NTD$2000 with the hot spring spa services is also a good alternative.

6. MRT Beitou Station

5 mins walking to PlayTaipei, only one stop connecting to Tamsui MRT Red Line, convenient for travel to either Taipei downtown or Tamsui

7. Welcome Supermarket

Along GuangMing Rd walking 4 mins to Welcome Supermarket from PlayTaipeioperating 24hours a day with all kinds of food supply and life necessities.

8. Food chain stores & convenient Store

Along Guangming Rd McDanolds, Starbusks, KFC, Yoshinoya, Mos Burger,—-,are 4 mins away from PlayTeipei 7-elevens , watsons, postoffice are nearby

9. Red Tea , XinBei City Beitou Qu Xinshi ST. NO.15

Located in Beitou Market, with many years of making red tea its red tea has typically traditional red tea flavor First time order may try red tea with fresh milk which is tasty and refreshing, and inexpensive as well.